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Miss the Pipeline! last week, when your favorite band was on? Well, no more worries. Starting today, at any point in time you’ll be able to go back in time and listen to the past *2* shows. And it’s not just Pipeline!–the same goes for all shows on WMBR.

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Remember, though, that you only have two weeks. Unfortunately, for legal reasons, we can’t host more than that. Also note that the live sets start very close to 9pm, which is 1 hour into the show.

Next up, at least for Pipeline!: podcasting. It’s basically a way for your computer to automatically download the most recent show and put it on your iPod (or other mp3 player), all without you doing anything. Currently you need special software to do this, but Monday it was announced that an upcoming version of iTunes will have podcasting support built-in. ETA for new iTunes is around 2 months; hopefully we’ll have the podcast feed up by then. Stay tuned.

Pipeline! Playlist 5/23, 2005

Mobius Band “The Loving Sounds of Static”
the Books “Be Good to Them Always”
Boy in Static “Bellyful”
Miniwatt “Real Smiles”
Big Bear “#10”
Tiny Hawks “The Things You Belong To and the Things That Belong To You”
Soltero “Acadian Coast”
Mary Timony “Return to Pirates”
the Dirty Projectors “I Sit on the Ridge At Dusk”
Auto Interiors “True Life in Cinema”
Chris Weisman “Patience Love”
Marissa Nadler “Lily, Henry, and the Willow Trees”
Brian Michael Roff “Unfantastic Few”
Feathers “The Hesitation”
Ten Years Old “Bed of Glue”
Micah Blue Smaldone “More Than I Can Bear”
Phantom Buffalo “Waves of the World”
the Perceptionists “Black Dialogue”
the Black Clouds “Cash My Check”

the Charms LIVE

Ashby “Getting Started”
Mahi Mahi “654321”

the Charms INTERVIEW

Modern Syndrome “Pink Flowery Apron of Shame”

DynAudio monitors – first impressions

So after doing two mixes (Les Breastfeeders and the Charms) on the DynAudio monitors Andy brought by last week, I’ve got some early comments (in bullet form because I’m too lazy for complete sentences today):

– Having a subwoofer in the monitoring system is annoying, bottom line. It’s one more thing to mess with, one more thing to go wrong on you, and one more thing you have to find a home for. This is a pretty nice subwoofer (gain control, high-pass outputs, and a low-pass filter on the input that can be varied from 50-150 Hz with a pot), but I’d still rather just have mains that can push a reasonable amount of low-end.

– On the other hand, having a subwoofer four inches from your crotch while mixing is an oddly enjoyable sensation.

– The first time anyone mixed on them (UV Protection’s outside engineer) I had the subwoofer gain at about 10 o’clock and the bass in the control room was way too high. After fooling around with reference CDs (Gang of Four – Entertainment!) for an hour or so, I concluded that the optimum bass setting was between 8-9 o’clock, roughly. That album doesn’t really have a lot of really low bass though, so we’ll probably want to repeat that experiment sometime with Dalek or the Beastie Boys.

– The low-pass knob on the sub was more problematic. I never quite managed to get it to sound right, but the best setting seemed to be in the 100Hz neighborhood (6 o’clock). This is roughly in keeping with the fact that the mains are set to roll off at 80Hz (they have a high-pass on the input that can be set to 0, 60, or 80), so it’s close to the “sweet spot” where overlap between the sub and mains is minimal but there’s no gap in the sound. The overlap was still enough to muddy the low-end a fair amount during both mixes, but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t live with. Given the cost of these things, I think some more experimentation will improve the sound quite a bit.

– The mains are what you’d expect from a high-end set of monitors; highs and mids are very bright, clear, and detailed. There are some settings on the mains for high/low/mid shelves and things like that, but I didn’t even bother; they sound fine out of the box.

Both mixes translated to OTA reasonably well, but I still think I like the Samsons better. Their only major drawback (weak low response) was fairly easy to work around once you understood it, and they were much less of a hassle to work with. As I said though, these things could sound awesome after some tweaking (and better, since they cost quite a bit more than the Samsons), so we’ll see.

Deerhoof at MIT, Vampire Belt

The same crew that engineers Pipeline! is also going to be running sound for the Deerhoof show Friday at MIT. You can find details here, with advance tix available at Twisted Village. Not too much local connection, although openers Nedelle put out a record on our very own Kimchee Records a couple years back. Anyways, stop by the mixing board and say hi if you get a chance!

In other news, WMBR’s show “You Are Here” broadcast a pre-recorded live performance (kinda like a Peel Session, if you will) by the mighty Vampire Belt tonight; Kyle recorded it at WMBR a couple weeks back. They’re from western Mass and are very much worth hearing. Now, I can hear you thinking “too bad you told me AFTER it was aired, jerk!” Well, once our spiffy new online archive is up and running this problem will go away. Soon, very soon.

Pipeline! Playlist 5-17-05

the Dirty Projectors “I Will Truck”
Edan “I See Colors”
Mahi Mahi “(Re)Move Your Body”
Ed in the Refrigerators “You’re All I Could Think of During the Love Scenes in Attack of the Clones”
Modern Syndrome “Other Voices”
Alcoa “I Don’t Feel Welcome Here or Anywhere”
Chris Weisman “Flows Glows / Peace Park”
Soltero “A Single Good Evening”
Shore Leave “Drift Away”
Miniwatt “All You Can Eat”
the Heygoods “Turn You On”
the Perceptionists “What Have We Got to Lose?”
Ho-Ag “Man the Dam”
Slapshot “Relight the Fire”
the Unseen “We Are All We Have”
the Books “None But Shining Hours”

UV Protection LIVE

Marissa Nadler “Old Love Haunts Me In the Morning”
Micah Blue Smaldone “Sporting Sorrow Blues”


Ashby “He Likes the Sound”
the In-Out “Nicolai and Andre”

Magonia, Clickers

A week or two ago I was at the Skybar, and saw this band called Magonia. They’re an instrumental 3-piece rock band, and they were really a modern version of the lounge band that you’d expect to be playing in a really smoky, seedy bar–instrumental rock that created a certain atmosphere without resorting to cliche. I really enjoyed them.

And in other news, it looks like Clickers broke up. Oh well.

Beat Circus and the Samsons

So I’m sitting here listening to the recording of the Beat Circus set from last night and trying to correlate it with what was coming out of the monitors last night. No really earth-shattering revelations (mids/highs very bright and clear, bass a bit weak in the monitors, it’s all been said in other entries), but I’m generally impressed with the way the mix translated. The band doesn’t really use a lot of low-end (compared to your standard rock band, anyway), so they were well-suited to the Rubicons; all of their many instruments (saw, percussion, banjo, etc etc) are audible in even the busiest parts of the mix. Keeping the levels of the bassier instruments (tuba and kick here) down about 3-5 dB from where I felt like they “should” be in the studio seems to have resulted in final levels that are maybe just a touch too loud, which is better than I did the last time I mixed on the Samsons. There were some things I didn’t like about the mix (apparently you just can’t compress a violin enough; it cut through everything no matter what I did), but those were mostly attributable to bad/lazy engineering. Overall I like the way it came out, and I definitely think with some more practice (i.e. learning exactly how to compensate for the weakish bass) it should be easier to produce good mixes on the Samson monitors than on the old JBL’s.

Pipeline! Playlist 5-10-2005

Micah Blue Smaldone “Grim”
Marissa Nadler “Calico”
Alcoa “Drowned”
Dirty Projectors “Gilt Gold Scabs”
Sparrowhawk “In the Morning”
Wille Alexander and the Boom Boom Band “Mystery Training”
the Perceptionists “Career Finders”
Ashby “Eyes Open Wide”
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals “Treat Me Right”
Mary Timony “W.O.W.”
Big Bear “#6”
the Books “An Owl With Knees”
Ten Years Old “Product of Environment”
Mobius Band “Starts Off With a Bang”
the Texas Governor “Leave Your Life Behind You”
Edan “Beauty”

Beat Circus LIVE

UV Protection “Cool Tall Buildings”
the Charms “Dream”
Downbeat 5 “Out in the Streets”


Joe Turner “Turn Me Upside Down”

Pipeline! Playlist 05-03-05

Sleeping Weather “The Decline of Naps”
Ashby “Won’t Remember”
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals “Ragged Company”
Brian Michael Roff “This Yellowed Yield”
Jimmy Ryan and Hayride “Only Ever”
The Texas Governor “Life is Like a Big Revolving Door”
the Charms “Talk is Cheap”
the Complete Strategist “I Was Silver”
Ten Years Old “Ms. Odelisque”
Big Bear “#11”
Reverend Glasseye “King of Men”
Miss Mary “Silly Boy Don’t Be So Sad”
Joe Turner “Hills of Pennsylvania”

Auto Interiors LIVE

the Books “It Never Changes to Stop”

Auto Interiors INTERVIEW

Dirty Projectors “Drilling Profitably”