Pipeline! Playlist 6-28-2005

Apollo Sunshine “Go”
Cerberus Shoal “Wyrm”
Pernice Brothers “My So-Called Celibate Life”
Ashby “Anyone Anywhere”
Boy in Static “Epilogue”
Auto Interiors “True Life in Cinema”
Shore Leave “Insomnia”
Tree by Leaf “Rupert Sheldrake’s Favorite”
Brian Michael Roff “I Fell at the Opera”
Keith Fullerton Whitman “Stereo Music for Farfisa Compact Duo, Drum Kit”
the Charms “Losing My Addiction”
the Downbeat 5 “Climbin’ the Walls”
Modern Syndrome “Come Together”

the Konks LIVE

Nice & Easy “Pinstripes & Polka Dots”
the Count Me Outs “Melissa Gilbert”
Darkbuster “Cantaloupes”


Ten Years Old “Bed of Glue”
Chris Weisman “Ding Meets Dong”

Pipeline! Playlist – Summer Solstice Edition – June 21, 2005

Apollo Sunshine “Lord”
the Stairs “Escape Clause”
Frank Black “Another Velvet Nightmare”
the Pernice Brothers (f/ Blake Hazard) “Subject Drop”
the Downbeat 5 “Laughing Out Loud”
the Count Me Outs “Jefferson Hairplan”
Edan “Fumbling Over Words That Rhyme”
jdwalker “Maine Wharf”
Boy in Static “Bellyful”
Casey Dienel “Baby James”
Chris Weisman “Dissonant Beauty to Be Forgotten”
Marissa Nadler “Under an Old Umbrella”
Black Clouds “The Thing From Beyond the Amp”
Chaz and the Motorbikes “Scramble the Jets”
the Charms “Gimme That”

Hamlet Idiot LIVE

the Texas Governor “Leaving Train”
the Three Outpourings “The Shift”
Little Wooden Men “Duck”

Hamlet Idiot INTERVIEW

Sam Rosen “Christine”
Ten Years Old “Buzz Aldrin Must Eventually Die”

Pipeline! Playlist 6-14-05

Casey Dienel “Doctor Moore”
Eilen Jewell “Nowhere in No Time”
Alto Reform School “Hang on in There”
the Reports “The Hostess”
Auto Interiors “A Clear Adhesive”
the Sterns “Say Goodbye to the Camera”
Big Bear “Track 2”
Cerberus Shoal “A Pie for President”
Dirty Projectors “I Will Truck”
the Stairs “Don’t Abandon Your Band”
the Specific Heats “Ice Cream Shop”
Willie Alexander and the Boom Boom Band “Ogalala”
Boy in Static “Broke”
Ashby “Cloud Cover”
Apollo Sunshine “The Hotter, the Wetter, the Better”

Daniel Striped Tiger LIVE

the Books “A Little Longing Goes Away”
Marissa Nadler “Damsel in the Dark”
Chris Weisman “Daysleeper”

Daniel Striped Tiger INTERVIEW

Mobius Band “Close the Door”
Tree by Leaf “Give it All You Can”
Nice & Easy “Buckets of Magic”
Ten Years Old “Goanbloit”

Dynaudio Impressions

I finally got around giving the Brian MR session a listen at home and again on the Dynaudios. For the purposes of clarification, “home” means a Musical Fidelity Elektra through an NAD 317 and a pair of Origin Live bookshelf models.

First, I’ll talk about mixing with the Dynaudios. Apparently these monitors cost roughly ten times the ticket price for the Samsons. Andy wondered aloud to me whether the Dynaudios could justify the price tag. I can hear the effects of the dollar, dollar bills, and these effects… Continue reading

Pipeline! Playlist June 7, 2005

Carrigan “Valladolid”
the Static Age “Pakistan”
Boy in Static “Stay Awake”
the Dirty Projectors “Two Sheeps Asleep”
Chris Weisman “I Shall Be Released”
Tree By Leaf “You Show All the Signs”
the Middle Eight “The Sun Always Shines”
Chaz and the Motorbikes “Good in Blue”
Marissa Nadler “Calico”
Raymond Morin “Night Sky O’er Los Angeles”
Casey Dienel “Tundra”
Ashby “Cloud Cover”
Mobius Band “Detach”
Keith Fullerton Whitman “Stereo Music for Acoustic Guitar, Buchla Music Box 100, Hewlett Packard 236 Oscillator, Electric Guitar, and Computer Part 1”

Sparrowhawk LIVE

Feathers “Old Black Hat With a Dandelion Flower”

Sparrowhawk INTERVIEW

the Books “Venice”

Pipeline! Playlist may 31, 2005

Winterpills “Want the Want”
Sarah Borges “Think of What You’ve Done”
the Dirty Projectors “Tour Along the Potomac”
Boy in Static “Warm Blooded”
the Texas Governor “The Amazing Sleeping Alarm Clock”
Auto Interiors “Envy”
Tiny Hawks “Are You the King of Olives?”
Big Bear “Track 2”
Micah Blue Smaldone “Grim”
Mobius Band “Detach”
10 Years Old “Looks Like It’s Time”
Ashby “Anyone Anywhere”
the Other Method “Track 6”
Joe Perry “Vigilante Man”
Modern Syndrome “I’ve Got a Feeling”

Brian Michael Roff and the Deer LIVE

Little Wooden Men “Paisley”
Marissa Nadler “My Little Lark”

Brian Michael Roff and the Deer INTERVIEW

Soltero “If I Had a Chance”

Pipeline is podcasting!

Here it is: the Pipeline! podcast, straight from WMBR’s studios!

What is podcasting, you ask? Basically, it is all about having your computer download mp3’s automatically, as they are published on the web. You can listen afterwards on your computer or portable mp3 player – however you want.

There are many programs configure and manage podcasts on your computer – iPodder, for example, is free/open source software for windows, mac, and linux. The websites ipodder.org and podcasting-tools.com both contain helpful links to other podcasting clients.

If podcasting scares you a little, you may just want to stream one of our archived programs, which are now available on demand. Sadly, legal restrictions limit us to providing only the past two weeks of broadcasts. (The podcast, on the other hand, contains only live performances and will be available indefinitely.)

Enjoy the live music, and let us know what you think!