Pipeline! Playlist 10-25-2005

Josh Ritter “Blame it on the Tetons”
Phantom Buffalo “84 Today”
Visitations “You Need It, Then It Comes”
the Hidden “Sharpening Knives”
Harris “Last Sentiment”
Pixies “Where is My Mind? (live)”
the Black Clouds “Lie”
the Irreverends “Ghettos on Fire”
the Coffin Lids “I’m Gonna Have My Way (with the 5678s)”
Satellite Lot “Double Yellow Lines”
Sage Francis “Slow Down Gandhi”
Soltero “Ghost at the Foot of the Bed”
B for Brontosaurus “Soda Pop Rock”
Sinaloa “November’s Unanswered Questions”
the Bunwinkies “Yellow Jam”

Tiger Saw LIVE
“It’s Been Raining”
“O Dylan”
“R U Courageous”
“All My Friends”
“For Molly”
“Singing With Ghosts”
“For Adrian”

Nat Baldwin “Wake Up It’s Time to Rise”
the Songs “track 3”


Mike Flood “Lemmings on the Run”
Geoff Farina, Luther Gray, Dan Littleton “Harmonia”
Ketman “Taciturn”

Pipeline! Playlist 10-18-05

Ten Years Old “Femme Fatale”
Clov “Denbow”
Asian Mae “You Need It, Then It Comes”
Feathers “Silverleaves in the Air of Starseedlings”
Micah Blue Smaldone “Coal Black Crepe”
Fern Knight “Give Me Your Hand”
the Coffin Lids “I’m Gonna Have My Way (with the 5678s)”
Vandermark 5 “That Was Now (for the Volcano Suns)”
the MV & EE Medicine Show “Fort Dummer Thala”
Sunburned Hand of the Man “Dancing With the Double Edged Sword”

Phantom Buffalo ACOUSTIC LIVE
“Be the Boss”
“Mrs. Connelly”
“In a Summer Grove”

Faces on Film LIVE

J + Friends “Take Me Home”
Geoff Farina, Luther Gray, Dan Littleton “Liquor Store”

Faces on Film INTERVIEW

Pants Yell! “’83 in ’05”

Pipeline! Playlist 10-11-05

thee Electric Bastards “56 Hours”
Sam Rosen “Fireflies”
Phantom Buffalo “Who Was Your Only Man”
the Coffin Lids “Losin’ My Mind”
Ten Years Old “C’mon C’mon”
Mobius Band “You’re Wrong”
Feathers “Van Bat”
Geoff Mullen “Great Auk part 3”
Bunwinkies “Wild Geese”
Appollo Sunshine “Eyes”
Emeenz “Tell Him (Right Now)”
the Rudds “Keep My Love”
Lightning Bolt “Magic Mountain”
Micah Blue Smaldone “Swamp of the Swan”
Big Bear “Track 7”

Don Lennon LIVE

Tiger Saw “The Sun”
Nat Baldwin “One Last Look”

Don Lennon “Last Comic Standing”
Don Lennon “What SNL Stands For”

Chris Brokaw “the Information Age”
Harris “Like Oragami”
the Hotel Alexis “Dapper Dan”
Franklin’s Mint “Hold This Bag For Me”

Pipeline! Playlist 10/4/2005

Lightning Bolt “Captain Caveman”
the Rudds “Oh No (They’re Gonna Make Another One)”
Phantom Buffalo “Lightbulb Slave”
Made in Mexico “A Cannibal Tale”
the Irreverends “Annalise”
Brown Bird “Colorado”

Chris Pureka LIVE
“Come Back Home”
“Silo Song”

Micah Blue Smaldone “A Winter’s Truce”
Chris Brokaw “Move”
Mike Flood “Beautiful Knowledge”
Feathers “Come Around”
Ten Years Old “New Universe”
Nat Baldwin “Only in Dreams”

the Ocatve Museum LIVE
“Kid Defender”
“Spirals In Her Eyes”
“Animal Farm” (the Kinks)
“Prove Myself”
“Sentimental Case”
“Swingin’ In The Sky”
“Last of the Steam-Powered Trains” (the Kinks)
“The Voice Electric”

27 “A Million Years”
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals “Sweet Hands”

the Ocatve Museum INTERVIEW

Edan (f. Dagha) “Rock n Roll”

Inexpensive + DIY Mics

Two posts from the excellent Analog Industries blog. It’s well worth the read!

The Alice DIY mic kit, by Scott Helmke. Check out Scott’s microphones page, there are other DIY designs there.

ShinyBox ribbon microphones, notable as they sell for around $160!? Anyone have any experience with these? At these prices it’s worth getting one for Pipeline!, assuming they don’t totally suck and we can manage to not break it.

Not much posting going on recenly. I guess everyone’s recovering from the summer?