Pipeline! Playlist 11-29-2005

Eyes Like Knives “Unknown, Nowhere”
Campaign For Real Time “Something is Wrong”
Ten Years Old “Shockwave Nation”
Certainly, Sir “Midnight Again”
Ryan Lee Crosby “Worth the Trouble”
Anushka Pop “Carry On”
Made in Mexico “Infrared Eye”
Feathers “Ibex Horn”
Honeyhander “Our Connoisseurs are Feelers”
KG Fields “Joeline and the Bottlecap Curtain”
Phantom Buffalo “Five Charming Animals”
Winterpills “Threshing Machine”
Fern Knight “The Summer Day Reflection Song”
Satellite Lot “Hold Your Fire”

the Rudds LIVE

Tiger Saw “For Adrian”
Coffin Lids “She’s the Bomb”


Micah Blue Smaldone “Funny Farm”

Pipeline! Playlist 11-22-2005

Chris Weisman “Day Sleeper”
Freezepop “Outer Space/ Plastic Stars”
Made in Mexico “Clockwork”
Honeyhander “Professional Poise”
the Sharking “Life Has Been”
Hilken Mancini and Chris Colbourn “Wedding Cake”
J + Friends “AMMA What Now?”
Winterpills “Portrait”
Coffin Lids “Kick Out of You”
B for Brontosaurus “Soda Pop Rock”
Keys to the Streets of Fear “Heidi Slimane (Francais)”
Radar Eyes “Nightwalker”

thee Electric Bastards LIVE
“Peepin’ Song”
“Play the Fool”
“Problem Song”
“Black Jets”
“Bad Luck”
“Pork Machine”
“Mediocre Mass”
“World of Sound”

Campaign for Real Time “In Your Dreams”
Landing “How to Be Clear”
Satellite Lot “All Defenses Down”

thee Electric Bastards INTERVIEW

Feathers “Past the Moon”
Alvin Lucier “A Tribute to James Tenney part 4”

Pipeline! Playlist 11-15-2005

Seekonk “Love”
Landing “Spiral Arms”
Galaxie 500 “Blue Thunder”
Ten Years Old “Golden Throne”
Honeyhander “Porcelean Veneers”
Lightning Bolt “Riff Wraiths”
Satellite Lot “In Protest”
Micah Blue Smaldone “A Little Bit at a Time”
J + Friends “Take Me Home”
Sharking “Listen Up!”
Ketman “Song Binbin”
Feathers “Ulna”
Winterpills “Want the Want”

Anushka Pop LIVE

Tiger Saw “The Sun”
Red Door Exchange “Sunny Bone”
the Glass Set “You Want More”


the Electric Bastards “World of Sound”

Pipeline! Playlist 11/8/2005 Pledge Drive!

Phantom Buffalo “Five Charming Animals”
Thee Electric Bastards “Play the Fool”
the Rudds “Older Girls”

Ten Years Old LIVE

Gary Higgins “Down on the Farm”
Micah Blue Smaldone “Sporting Sorrow Blues”

Hilken Mancini and Chris Colbourn LIVE

Anushka Pop “Why I’m Here”
J Mascis and the Fog “Cyborg Kids”
Certainly, Sir “Jealous Jacket”

Hilken Mancini and Chris Colbourn INTERVIEW

the Motion Sick “Pre-Existing Condition”

the Poppies LIVE

Feathers “Come Around”

Fundraiser Week + Catching Up

Been a little slow on the site lately, as we slip into fall here in Boston.

The past couple months have been fruitful at WMBR. Aside from our regular Pipeline! we’ve been engineering bands, both live sets for touring bands as well as multitrack stuff for some friends. We also added a new mic or two to our collection, as well as a new preamp unit that’s been coming in real handy.

Also, this week is FUNDRAISER WEEK! Instead of one live act we’re going to pack FOUR into our usual two hour slot. We’ve got some special guests coming down to help us raise money for the station:

Hilken Mancini & Chris Colbourn
Adam Glasseye and the Chorus of the Broken Spine
Ten Years Old
the Poppies

It should be a great time, so please be sure to tune in and pledge if you can!

You can also pledge online if you’d like.


Pipeline! Playlist 11/1/2005

Dan Blakeslee “Hip-Hop Halloween”
Don Lennon “Death of My Imagination”
the Rudds “Stand a Chance”
Steve Mayone “A Part of Me”
Chris Brokaw “Cranberries”
Joy “Low”
Squids “Meditation”
Ten Years Old “I Don’t Know Anything”
Fern Knight “Theme From The Bird With the Crystal Plumage” (Morricone)
thee Electric Bastards “Lessly Angled”
J + Friends “Help Me AMMA”
Feathers “To Each His Own”
Coffin Lids “Action”
Black Clouds “Trouble’s Visit”
Apollo Sunshine “Magnolia”
Nat Baldwin “Control”
Brown Bird “A Train to the City”

Bright LIVE