Pipeline! Playlist January 31, 2006

Hydronaut “Give It and Get It”
Eyes Like Knives “(track 3)”
KG Fields “Tacoma”
Ponies in the Surf “Aviary”
Chop Chop “Lines”
Brzowski “The Staircase Song”
the Figgs “Dance Lesson”


the Figgs “Chasing After Words”
Graham Parker and the Figgs “Stick to Me”


the Figgs “Painted Panel Basement”
Rachael Cantu “Sweat and Bones”

Dirty Projectors LIVE

Witch “Changing”
New Radiant Storm King “Fighting Off the Pricks”
Casey Dienel “Stationary”

Dirty Projectors INTERVIEW

Constants “Walking Dead in East Texas”

Pipeline! Playlist 1-24-2006

Ponies in the Surf “Sing My Lord”
Sam Rosen “I’m All Yours”
Rachael Cantu “Hear My Laughter”
Constants ” When Stars Dilate”
Honeyhander “Hiding Small Children in Cabinets”
New Radiant Storm King “Accountant of the Year”
Moon Bats “Words Matter”
Rockets Burst From Streetlamps “Echo Minor”
Winterpills “Found Weekend”
the Beatings “Scorched Earth Policy”
Ketman “The Queen of Darts”
Sharking “Stop Look & Listen”
the Texas Governor “Leave Your Life Behind You”
Taxpayer “In My Final Year”
jdwalker “Nails Over Munjoy”

Certainly, Sir LIVE

Karacter “Chocolate”

Certainly, Sir INTERVIEW

the Curtain Society “Feather”

ART TubeMP Project Series Impressions

I tried this out yesterday,. while recording a song with Shrinking Islands, Kyle’s band. This was multitracked to protools, not live-to-two-track like we usuallly do. We laid down most of the song.

–There’s a really nice overdrive/compression effect if you drive the input super-hard. We took a large kick drum and get it horizontally on chairs, tympani-style, with Andy playing it with mallets. Using the SE Electronics mic in omni mode, positioned about a foot above the edge of the drum, we got a MASSIVE bass sound, without the TubeMP. I inserted the TubeMP, turned up the input gain almost all the way, and the effect was somewhat similar to the Bluetube’s tube drive, with a little extra compression. It really helped bring out the attack, while maintining the big bottom. A little extra compression with the RNC and voila–a really nice sound!

–Recording vocals (kyle singing into the SE Electronics, omni mode again) showed the TubeMP has a better bottom-end that the stock preamps on our Spirit328. However, I had to turn the gain pretty high up, both at the input and the output, to get into a usable range, and when i did there was a constant low-end rumble, even with the high-pass filter engaged. I ended up switching to our BlueTube, which DIDN’T need to be turned up high, didn’t have the rumble, and sounded really nice with a little tube drive.

–The gain knobs work weirdly. On the presonus bluetube, the units on the gain knob are dB, but are spaced in a linear manner. That is, all the way off is 0 dB gain, halfway up is 30 dB, full is 60 dB. makes sense, and feels right. on the tubemp, halfway up on the input gain is 5 dB gain, with the last 25% of travel from between +24 and +45 dB. So the first 60% of travel does little, which makes no sense, and it sorta throws you off, and you have less control in the usable range.

–The impedance switch didn’t make any difference with the couple condenser mics I tried (SE and the KSM27). It’d probably be different w/ dynamics.

–Going back to this rumble, it was really disconcerting, made it useless for recording vocals. I need to investigate this more.

–I bet it’d be a nice pre for a kick drum mic. I’ll have to try that.

Other thoughts?

Pipeline! Playlist 1-17-06

Witch “Isadora”
Chris Weisman “Bastard of Eyes”
Ms. Margarette “Still Has You”
Chop Chop “Bloodbath”
the Texas Governor “Shortwave Radio”
Casey Dienel “Tundra”
Certainly, Sir “Done Pulse”
Karacter “Bank/Machine”
Rachael Cantu “My First War”
Ten Years Old “The Backwards Talkin’ Burd”
Honeyhander “Wear Out Your Muscles Mary”
Winterpills “Pills for Sara”
jdwalker “The Two Six”

Campaign for Real-Time LIVE

Scissorfight “Sun Hunt”
International Pen Pal “Barbara Spinelli”

Campaign for Real-Time INTERVIEW

Pipeline! Playlist 1-10-2006

Ponies in the Surf “Too Many Birds”
Ms. Margarette “Sweet Today”
Rachael Cantu “Saturday”
International Pen Pal “Problem Set”
Phanton Buffalo “Who Was Your Only Man”
Honeyhander “Wear Out Your Muscles Mary”
the Real Kids “Fly Into the Mystery”
Chop Chop “Mix Tape”
Certainly, Sir “Happy”
jdwalker “Shrimp and Mermaids”
Witch “Seer”
the Beatings “Feel Good Ending”
Radar Eyes “Nightwalker”

Humanwine LIVE

Ten Years Old “Mutha Theresa Came From Mars”
Joy “You Were a Flood / You Were a Fire”


Winterpills “Want the Want”

Pipeline! Playlist 1-3-2006

Casey Dienel “Cabin Fever”
Chris Brokaw “Cranberries”
Certainly, Sir “VC”
jdwalker “Patients People”
Witch “Rip Van Winkle”
Ten Years Old “Backwards Talkin’ Bird”
Cerberus Shoal “Junior”
Chris Weisman “Number One”
Chop Chop “Love Will Tear It”
Honeyhander “Porcelean Veneers”
Ponies in the Surf “Joe”
Miles From Land “Tunnels”


Big Dipper “Drive Me to the Park”
B for Brontosaurus “Who Will Sail My Ship Ashore?”
Area C “Shearing Out a Line”