Pipeline! Playlist May 31, 2006

Magic People “The Lazy Lazy Killer”
Major Stars “Pocket”
Sephiroth’s Knot “Starved Eye”

Disappearer “Rust/Dust”
Clawjob “(Let’s Focus on the) Research”
Merrie Amsterburg “Clementine”

Maria Ventura “No Goodbye”
The Kickbacks “Lazy Eye”
Frank Black “I’m Not Dead (I’m in Pittsburgh)”

Casey Dienel “All or Nothing”
Francine “Storrow Drivers”

Ryan Lee Crosby LIVE

Aeroplane, 1929 “Act of Contrition”
Nat Baldwin “Through the Night”

Ryan Lee Crosby INTERVIEW

Capstan Shafts “God’s Favorite Foreigner”
Mission of Burma “Good Not Great”
Pants Yell! “Your Feelings Don’t Show”
Mittens “Looks Like You Could Use a Little Love”

Union Square Farmer’s Market is Looking for Musicians

I got this email from my friend Sharon, and thought I’d pass it along. –Ramsey

Hey Musicians!

The Union Square Farmers’ Market is back! Well, almost. June 10 – Oct 28, in the heart of Union Square, ever Saturday 9am – 1pm.

We are looking for volunteer musicians to perform at the market. It’s a great neighborhood atmosphere with a lively crowd. The Farmers’ market will be joined by the Craft Market (featuring local artists and craftsters) every Saturday between July 22nd and Oct 7th.

We can provide a large tent, some seating, and access to outlets. You are welcome to sell CDs or promote upcoming shows and put out a hat for tips. This is a great way to play outdoors and support the community. It’s an unpaid gig, but in the past the market has received a lot of press and attention for combining food, art, and entertainment.

Last year the music was really well received, with a few complains about the loud bands, so we are looking for anything that is family friendly and not too loud. The primary focus of the market is buying and selling local foods and crafts and the atmosphere should be welcoming and comfortable. We are open to all kinds of music reflecting the cultural diversity of Union Square.

Interested? Email MaryCat — UnionSquareMarket@gmail.com Please include a few dates that will work for you.

Thanks for your support!

Pipeline! Playlist May 23, 2006

Francine “Connectionless”
Seekonk “Mar”
Submarines “This Conversation”
Mission of Burma “13”
Capstan Shafts “Magical Dance Number Scene”
Dresden Dolls “First Orgasm”
Magic People “Firefighter Fighter”
Hydronaut “Give It and Get It”
Major Stars “The Ravager”
Paper Thin Stages “In the Deer”
Cober “Words”
Snowleopards “Stuck in the Middle”
Baby Ray “Idiots Are Out”
Larkin Brigade “This is a Rebel City”
Damone “Stabbed in the Heart”

Mittens LIVE

Our Lady of Bells “Lace”
Josh Ritter “Wolves”
Alec K Redfearn and the Eyesores “Choreboy and a Blowtorch”


Pants Yell! “You Want Trouble”
Callers “Julia”

New Pipeline! Website Features

After a long winter, we here at Pipeline! have started making improvements to  this here website that you’re looking at.

First and most importantly, you’ll now see a graphic at the top of every playlist post.  Click on the “Play” half of the graphic, and you’ll automatically start listening to that week’s episode of Pipeline! – at any time – without having to do anything else. (though you’ll catch the last few minutes of the show previous due to the nature of the way the mp3s archive)

Neat, huh?  Oh, it’s not perfect—the links will only be good for a couple weeks due to copyright regulations, standard disclaimers apply, etc. etc. etc.,  But it sure makes it easy to listen to if you miss a show.

Next up are some improvements to our Podcast—but I’ll discuss those in a separate post.  To be continued!

For those of you into RSS, we cleaned up our feeds and now offer a simple, easy-to-find feed of all our entries, instead of the separate per-category feeds we used to have.

If you missed it, we now have our very own MySpace page, complete with some pictures of our bad selves.   We’re only adding bands who’ve played on the show as friends, so don’t be upset if we reject you… instead, send us your music!.  Jeff listens to everything that’s sent.  Seriously.

Finally, we’ve started adding more historical info to the Who are you guys? page.  Pipeline! has been around for a long time, many people have come and gone, and we think it’s important to acknowledge those who’ve helped bring you the show over the years.

Pipeline Playlist May 16, 2006

Dirty Projectors “Two Young Sheeps”
Magic People “Sugar Mountain”
Campaign for Real-Time “Turn the Gun on Me”
Pants Yell! “Kids are the Same”
Mittens “The Way We’re Living”
Seekonk “Orange & Blue”
Alec K Redfearn and the Eyesores “Overhang”
Tom Thumb and the Latter Day Saints “Gracie’s Mine”
Casey Dienel “Baby James”
Mission of Burma “1001 Pleasant Dreams”
Paper Thin Stages “Aging Residents Public”
Hydronaut “These Buildings”

Doomriders LIVE

Nat Baldwin “Wide Open Eyes”
Crank Sturgeon “Sequins”

Doomriders INTERVIEW

Josh Ritter “In the Dark”
Muck + the Mires “One Way to Know”

Pontoon Palace Playlist 5-11-06

Jeff Breeze guest hosting for Rich Pontius on The Pontoon Palace 6-8AM

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Otha Turner and His Rising Star Fife and Drum Band “My Babe”
Eddie Gale “The Rain”
Buckwheat “Hey Little Girl”
Hoyt Axton “When the Morning Comes”
Scott Walker “Buzzers”
Ornette Coleman “Rejoicing”
Casey Dienel “Everything”
Sleepy Motion “Wanna See Your Mind”
Lena Horne “Hesitating Blues”
Buffalo Springfield “Buffalo Stomp (Raga)”
Riff Raff “Treat Me Right”
Laura Nyro “Stoney End”
Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band “Flower Pot”
Maria Callas and Teatro Alla Scala “The Del Fiero Duo Aria from Luigi Cheubini’s _Medea_”
Hot Chocolate “Call the Police”
Nilsson “You Can’t Do That”
Harlan T Bobo “Stop”
Aretha Franklin “See Saw”
Ruthann Friedman “Carry On (Glittering Dancer)”
Silverbird “I Never Want to Get to Know You”
Kris Kristofferson “The Golden Idol”
Bascom Lamar Lunsford “Little Turtle Dove”
Nina Simone “You Better Know It”
Black Merda “Ashamed”
Richie Cole with Phil Woods “Naugahyde Reality”
The Pulido Sisters “Male Rosa”
M.I.A. “Pull Up the People”
Bernice Reagon “Bound For Glory”
Jerusalem and the Starbaskets “I Cannot Radiato Without You”
Reigning Sound “Straight Shooter”
Lotti Golden “Get Together (With Yourself)”
Bob Darin “Song For a Dollar”
Terry Allen “The Radio… and Real Life”

Pipeline! Playlist 5-9-2006

Our Lady of Bells “Oh My Oh My”
Tom Thumb “Dark Rooms”
Nat Baldwin “Heavy to Hold”
Major Stars “The Ravager”
Mission of Burma “Nancy Reagan’s Head”
Doomriders “The Whipcrack”
Scamper “Bruised By You”
Submarines “Ready or Not”
Seekonk “The Great Compromise”
Mittens “Baby Don’t Know”
the Spoilers “Strike the Bell”
La Peste “Pop Rock Polls”
Asian Mae, Caleb Mulkerin, Estrella Rogers “Sequins”

Magic People LIVE

Merrie Amsterburg “Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair”
Sool “The Girl That I Just Met”
Pants Yell! “Our Turf”

Magic People INTERVIEW

Josh Ritter “Good Man”
Capstan Shafts “Aching Tiny Everywheres”
Campaign for Real-Time “Something is Wrong”

Pipeline! Playlist 5-02-06

Seekonk “Take My Wife”
Submarines “Modern Inventions”
Josh Ritter “One More Mouth”
Mission of Burma “Birthday”
Campaign for Real-Time “Nina’s Favorite Song”
Doomriders “Listen Up!”
Just Ben “Occupational Hazard”
Mates of State “What It Means”
Paper Thin Stages “The Day Mark Martin Dropkicked Mr. B”
Our Lady of Bells “With My Eyes”
Dresden Dolls “Sex Changes”
Tom Thumb “Real Small Talk”
Little Wooden Men “(track 4)”

the Weisstronauts LIVE
“Hot Dog City”
“Just Don’t Know”
“Jade Cow”
“West Berlin”
“Movin’ Bell”
“Finger Boogie”
“Odysseus Goes to America”
“Pleasant Valley Sunday”

Mittens “Leeway”
Pants Yell! “Easy to be Cruel”

the Weisstronauts INTERVIEW

Major Stars “Fake Date”