Devil Music, Turpentine Brothers, etc.

Devil Music played tuesday night, and it was a great performance! They were 8 people total (including one on Sousaphone) and were very different from their December ensemble performance; there they were an orchestra of around 40 people, and the music was very much modern-classical. I missed the other ensemble performance of a couple weeks ago, but I hear it was similar in nature. Tuesday, however, the music was rock-based; many of the songs had a very prog feel to them, but in a good way.

The Turpentine Brothers played Pipeline! in December, and I hear they were selling CDR’s of their set at their record release show at the Abbey (along with their new record, of course.) Three cheers for Bryan, who did a great job engineering their set. In fact, they have an mp3 of a song from their Pipeline! set, as well as two others from their new album, posted on their website; do yourself a huge favor and check them out.

Big Bear is playing live in a couple weeks–I can’t wait. They totally 100% RULE.

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