filin’ in: Pontoon Palace Playlist January 29, 2009

Rich tapped Kyle to fill in this week. This time I was the co-pilot and he did the steering. The internet is still not working at the station, so there is no stream :(

Amon Duul 2 “Fly United”
Jefferson Airplane “Fat Angel”
Gong “Glid Before”
Blues Project “Fly Away”

Hackamore Brick “Radio”
Elvis Presley “Too Much Monkey Business”
Juicy Lucy “Harvest”

Thomas Mera Gartz “Sanger (song 2)”
Parson Sound “Sov Gott Rose-marie”

Rodriguez “I Wonder”
the Move “Walk Upon the Water”
the Kinks “Victoria”
Tim Hardin “Don’t Make Promises”

Idoumou ould Jheic ould Abba “Guera”
Group Bombino “Kamu Telyat”
Hamm adi ould Nana “Untitled 7”

J. Geils Band “Hard Driving Man”
Hush Arbors “Follow Closely”
Kyle “Black Gets Blacker”
Bee Gees “Never Say Never”

Bill Quick “Take Me Away”
Henry Cowell “Sound From No. 1 1937”

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