Fundraiser Week + Catching Up

Been a little slow on the site lately, as we slip into fall here in Boston.

The past couple months have been fruitful at WMBR. Aside from our regular Pipeline! we’ve been engineering bands, both live sets for touring bands as well as multitrack stuff for some friends. We also added a new mic or two to our collection, as well as a new preamp unit that’s been coming in real handy.

Also, this week is FUNDRAISER WEEK! Instead of one live act we’re going to pack FOUR into our usual two hour slot. We’ve got some special guests coming down to help us raise money for the station:

Hilken Mancini & Chris Colbourn
Adam Glasseye and the Chorus of the Broken Spine
Ten Years Old
the Poppies

It should be a great time, so please be sure to tune in and pledge if you can!

You can also pledge online if you’d like.


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