General pipeline equipment

OK engineers, we need to put together a general shopping list for Pipeline! equipment. Let me make the first contributions:
1. a pop filter for the KSM-27
2. two omni condensers

5 thoughts on “General pipeline equipment

  1. 3. New tall boom stands.
    4. A second headphone extender cable (maybe even two more) would give a lot more flexibility w/ placement of headphone mixes.

    RE: omni, there’s this dbx mic that’s made for Real Time Analyzers; $100 each. Compare to the Earthworks which are $300+ each; may be worth picking one up and trying it. Check it out at:

  2. In addition to the dbx mic, some people on Pro Sound Web recommend the Superlux ECM-999. These are $87 each without the individual frequency calibration papers.

    Looks like we have three viable alternatives – I think our main criterion for selecting a pair of omnis should be low noise/good sensitivity, since we’re likely to use them most often on sources that are quiet or far away.

  3. The DBX I linked to uses batteries–that should disqualify it right there, who needs the hassle?

    The Superlux’s seem the best bet, as the *cheapest* Earthworks omni comes in at $370 each. Maybe we should buy one Superlux and try it out, see how we like it?

    How do the noise and sensitivty specs match up for these two mics?

  4. I’d like to add a Shure beta 57 to the list. The band we had in last night (someone and the seven layers?) brought a couple, and they were much nicer on the electric instruments than the standard SM57’s (still couldn’t beat the RE-10 on the electric guitar though…actually I want another one of those too). Supercardioid too, which could come in handy.

  5. So we’ve got $750 of station money to burn on mics this year, which I thought was a good reason to restart this thread. I did some shopping around for omni condensers and I agree with Kyle/Ramsey that we should probably get one or two ECM999’s. Their frequency response is a little strange (see the webpage; hyped high-ends vs. the ruler-flat earthworks response) but everything I’ve read about them has been positive and the price is hard to beat. So assuming we get a pair of those, that’s about $550 left in the budget. I’d like to get a second RE10 and a Shure Beta57 and Beta58 (about $300 for the lot if we’re smart); any other ideas? Sennheiser makes a reasonably-priced snare mic (which I can’t remember the model# of now) that might be interesting to have too.

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