Handbook for Sound Engineers, 3rd Edition

Howard Tremain’s Audio Cyclopedia (sic) is a book that was really a Bible of audio engineering back it’s day, and even now is a gold mine of information. The 2nd edition was released in 1969, was *1700* pages (no joke!), and was comprised of 25 sections (some examples: “microphones”, “equalizers”, “sound mixers”, “vacuum tubes, transistors, diodes”, etc. etc.) Unfortunately it’s long out of print, though we do have copy at the station in the shop (and I have one that I very recently bought one used on ebay).

Well, want not dear friends, because the Handbook for Sound Engineers, 3rd Edition is the just-released third edition of the successor to the Audio Cyclopedia. Check out the link above for info; 1500+ pages, and it looks like it’s chock full of all the classic electronics info as well as modern computer and digital topics. You can also order on that page; it’s $80 regularly but they’re running a special offer of $64, shipping included, cause it was just released.

This sounds like a damn commercial, but I’m a customer too–I just ordered a copy of the new one. Bryan-nick-kyle: I totally recommend picking this up, what with Soldering Team starting up and all. It’s a really good investment.

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  1. Good call; I’ve flipped through the one at the station and was pretty impressed, but never wanted to spend the $100+ it usually goes for on eBay. I just ordered a copy of the new one myself ($67 after tax); that’s an incredibly good price for such a comprehensive book.

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