Late Risers’ Club – August 11, 2010

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Van Duren “Chemical Fire” Are You Serious? | Water CD 1977/2008
Cocked n’ Loaded “Nighttime Sugar” Take a Shot | s/t CD 2010
Cult Forty Five “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” s/t | s/r CD 2010
Major Stars “The Space You Know” Return To Form | Drag City CD 2010

Mmoss “(track 1)” Live on Pipeline! | Pipeline! Podcast 2010
Honey Clouds “Even in a Scrawl” | Peapod CD 2010
Eli Paperboy Reed “You Can Run On” Come and Get It | Capitol CD 2010
Capstan Shafts “Class War Tease” Revelation Skirts | Rainbow Quartz CD 2010

SOTD: Cannons “Good Morning, Let the Stress Begin” Friendly Muscles | s/r CD 2009
Moss Icon “Ghost Dance” Mahpiua Luta | Vermin Scum 7″ 1989
Leagues “Miami Time Machine” split with Horsehands | Corpse Athlete 7″ 2010
Daughters “The Hit” Daughters | Hydrahead CD 2010

Big Blood “Lay Your Head On The Rails II” Dead Songs | Time-Lag CD 2010
Aloha Sarcophagus “Pavement” The Original Soundtrack to Space Jam | s/r CD 2010

CAVE “Teenager” Pure Moods | Drag City 12″ 2010
Chico Magnetic Band “Explosion” s/t | Nosmoke CD 1971/2008
Lady “The Nightlife” Shemale Porn | s/r CD 2010
Sleigh Bells “Riot Rhythm” Treats | Mom+Pop CD 2010

Black Pyramid “Twilight Grave” s/t | Meteor City CD 2010
Wallcreeper “Time Taken” Time Taken | s/r CD 2010

Soccer Mom “Bill Cosby in Glamorous Chains” b/w High on Dad | s/r 7″ 2010
Jay Reatard “A Whisper (There is no Sun)” Watch Me Fall | Matador CD 2009
Triple Thick “Once Before (the Remains)” s/t | s/r CD 2010
Needy Visions “Endless Possibilities” s/t | Bodies of Water LP 2010

Spur “Mr Creep” Spur of the Moments | Drag City CD 1968/2010
Ketman “Sirens” Ketman-a-go-go | Lifted & Gifted CD 2010
Lee Harvey Oswald Band “Panic in Hanoi” Blastronaut | Touch and Go CD 1996
Capstan Shafts “Ms. Stelliferous” Revelation Skirts | Rainbow Quartz CD 2010

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