Late Riser’s Club – February 10, 2010 – State of Snow Emergency

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Malachai “Snowflake” Ugly Side of Love | Domino CD 2010
Girlfriends “Suckin’ Rare Meat Off The Bone China” First Cassette | s/r cass/mp3 2009
Traffic Sound “The Revolution” v/a Back to Peru Vol II | Vampi Soul CD 1971/2009
Happy Birthday “Girls FM” s/t | Sub Pop CD/mp3 2010
the Grifters “Whatever Happened to Felix Cole” Eureka EP | Shangri La CD 1995

Pierced Arrows “Tripped Out” Descending Shadow | Vice CD 2010
Impediments “You Want a Square” s/t | Happy Parts CD 2009
the Impulse International “Telephone” Point of Action | Dirtnap CD 2010
the Needy Visions “Be Together” v/a Whitehaus Family Record Family Record | Whitehaus Family Record CD 2010

SOTD: Red Mass “Lord of the Rats” s/t | Semprini CD 2009
Fucked Up “Anorak City” Couple Tracks: Singles 2002-2009 | Matador CD 2010
GHQ “Drop City Blues” Everywhere at Once | Three Lobed CD 2010
Tommy James “Mirage” 40 Years | Aura CD 1966/2008
the Sonics “Boss Hoss” Here Are the Sonics | Norton CD 1965/1999

bed music: Bark Haze “One For Merz” One For Merz | Three Lobed CD 2010

Untied States “Delusions Are Grander” Instant Everything | Distile CD 2010
the Edgar Broughton Band “Pratfall” Superchip: The Final Silicon Solution | Eclectic CD 1981/2006
Bird Show Band “Quartet” s/t | Amish CD 2010

the Red Krayola “Portrait of Wile E. Coyote” Five American Portraits | Drag City CD 2009
Beardo “American Anthem” s/t | World of Beardo CD 2010
Jeff the Brotherhood “Mind Ride” Heavy Days | Infinity Cat CD 2009
Major Stars “Better Stay Down” Return to Form | Drag City CD 2010

Quasi “Repulsion” American Gong | Kill Rock Stars CD/mp3 2010
Maine Coons “Pull the Plug on Grandma” 1 Man Band | s/r CD 2009
the Organ Beats “the Movie” Sleep When We Are Dead | s/r CD 2009
Cute Lepers “Smart Accessories” Smart Accessories | 1, 2, 3, 4, Go! CD 2010

bed music: Charles Mingus “Peggy’s Blue Skylight” Fables of Faubus | Four Star CD 1964

Love Collector “First 48” v/a Casual Victim Pile: Austin 2010 | Matador CD 2010
Another Breath “Eleventh Hour” The God Complex | Panic CD 2009
David Bowie “Rebel Rebel” A Reality Tour | ISO/Sony CD 2010
Magic People “Your Dude” You Are The Magic People | Inman Street mp3 2009

the Five Royales “The Slummer the Slum” Monkey Hips And Rice: The “5” Royales Anthology | Rhino CD 1958/1994

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