Late Risers’ Club – October 6, 2010

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the Bee Gees “I Want Home” Brilliant From Birth | Festival CD 1965/1998
the Vaselines “Sex With an X” Sex With an X | Sub Pop CD 2010
Wavves “When Will You Come” King of the Beach | Fat Possum CD 2010
Magic Kids “Hey Boy” Memphis | True Panther Sounds CD 2010
Phantom Buffalo “Listen to the Leaves” Cement Postcard With Owl Colors | Messie Murders {FR} CD 2010

Big Bear “1” s/t | Monitor CD 2005
Marnie Stern “Gimme” s/t | Kill Rock Stars CD 2010
Amputee Set “Orton-Howard” When the Last Game is Done | s/r CD 1999
Les Savy Fav “Let’s Get Out Of Here” Root For Ruin | Frenchkiss CD 2010

SOTD: Envy “Dreams Coming To An End” Recitation | Temporary Residence CD 2010
Bullet LaVolta “Auto Pilot” Tape 201-204 | WMBR Tape Archive CD
Busted Statues “Silence” Tape 232-234 | WMBR Tape Archive CD
Anastasia Screamed “Surrender” Tape 256-259 | WMBR Tape Archive CD
Cheater Slicks “Dark Night” Tape 232-234 | WMBR Tape Archive CD
Buffalo Tom “Sunflower Suit” Tape 225-227 | WMBR Tape Archive CD

Pierced Arrows “Zip My Lip” Descending Shadows | Vice CD 2010
the Kiss Offs “Never Been Kissed” Love’s Evidence | Peek-a-Boo 45 1997
the Oblivians “Any Way You Want It” Soul Food | Crypt CD 1995
Doo Rag “Hussy Bowler” b/w Grease and All | Westworld 45 1993

Vermillion Sands “The Last Day” b/w | Trouble in Mind 45 2010
the Cramps “No Club, Lone Wolf” b/w Ultra Twist | Medicine 45 1993
the Bobby Fuller Four “Wine WIne Wine” b/w Pretty Girls Everywhere | Eva 45 1964/2003
Ditch Witch “Her Fall” b/w Unlikely | Faye 45 1992
Jack O’Fire “No Love Lost” Bring Me the Head of John Spencer | Undone 45 1992

the Remains “Why Do I Cry?” A Session With | Sundazed CD 1965/1996
Big Star “Mod Lang” b/w Feel | Ardent/Ryko 45 1974/2009
Elvis Costello “Wednesday Week” b/w Accidents Will Happen | Radar 45 1979
Boston Spaceships “John the Dwarf Wants to Become an Angel” Our Cubehouse Still Rocks | GBV CD 2010
the Capstan Shafts “Great Reset Button of Life” Revelation Skirts | Rainbow Quartz CD 2010

bed music Rangda “Plain of Jars” False Flag | Drag City CD 2010

Teengenerate “Pushin’ Me Around” b/w Out of Control | Rip Off 45 1995
the Maine Coons “Hey Dickhead” Visual Sound Stereo | Gebos 45 2010
Girlfriends “Gov’t Seizure” b/w Creep Stuff | Aurora Seven 45 2010
Demolition Doll Rods “Give It Up” b/w We’re the Dollrods | Womb/Past It 45 1994
Stiff Little Fingers “At the Edge” b/w Silly Encores | Chrysalis 45 1980
Superchunk “Learned to Surf” Majesty Shredding | Merge CD 2010

Corn Fed “Riot Grrrrls vs. Models Inc” 1986 EP | Resort Theory Entertainment 45 1995

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