Late Riser’s Club Playlist December 16, 2009

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Wild Billy Childish and the Musicians of the British Empire “A Quick One (Pete Townsend’s Christmas)” Christmas 1979 | Damaged Goods CD 2009

Tight Bros From Way Back When “Inside Lookin’ Out” Lend You A Hand | Kill Rock Stars CD 1999
the Black Hollies “Lead Me To Your Fire” Softly Towards the Light | Ernest Jennings CD 2009
Bobby Fuller Four “Pretty Girls Everywhere” b/w Wine Wine Wine | Eva 45 1964/199?
Vodka Collins “Diamonds to Dungarees” Tokyo New York | Man’s Ruin CD 1973/199?
Walter Daniels “Army of the Lord” Army of the Lord | Undone 45 1994
the Monroes “Supperbell” Inferno | Speed Nebraska 45 2005
the Human Beinz “Two of a Kind” Evolutions | Collectables CD 1968/2006

Worn in Red “And You Knew” In the Offering | No Idea CD 2009
Them Crooked Vultures “Warsaw or the First Breath You Take After You Give Up” s/t | DGC CD 2009
Dazzling Killmen “Torture” b/w Ghost Limb | Crime Life 45 1990

Tin Huey “Closet Bears” Before Obscurity: The Bushflow Tapes | Smog Veil CD 1978/2009
Stiff Little Fingers “At the Edge” b/w Sill Encores, Autumn 1979 | Chrysalis 45 1980
Brilliant Colors “You Say You Want” Introducing | Slumberland CD 2009
the Untamed Youth “Minor Chaos” b/w Drag Race Tragedy | Hillsdale 45 1987/1996

Dead Cats Dead Rats “Chuncky” Riff | s/r CD 2009
the Vikings “Surrender” b/w Rock All | Sympathy For the Record Industry 45 1994
Treepeople “Web in Front” Archers of Loaf split | Sonic Bubblegum 2×45 1994
Turpentine Brothers “Loves Gone Bad” We Don’t Care About Your Good Times | Alive CD 2005
Teengenerate “Just Head” Screaming Bloody Marys split | Wallabies 45 1994

Doo Rag “Breaking Straw” b/w Trudge | In the Red 45 1993
Techlepathy “Flesh World” Anthems for Future History | Speed Nebraska! CD 2009
Icy Demons “1850” Miami Ice | Obey Your Brain CD 2009
Lightning Bolt “Rain on Lake I’m Swimming In” Earthly Delights | Load CD 2009

bed music behind concert report Moebius Plank Neumeier “All Repro” & “Recall” Zero Set | Sky CD 1983/2009

the Raveonettes “Breaking Into Cars” In and Out of Control | Vice CD 2009
Vagiant (Boston) “Always On My Mind” Trash Candy | s/r CD 2009
Miranda Lambert “That’s the Way That The World Goes ‘Round” Revolution | Sony CD 2009
Times New Viking “Half Day In Hell” Born Again Revisited | Matador CD 2009

Warhammer 48k “(track 3)” An Ethereal Oracle | Papa Slag CD 2006
Hallelujah The Hills “Blank Passports” Colonial Drones | Misra CD 2009

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