Late Risers’ Club Playlist – February 6, 2013

Fidlar “Whore” Fidlar | Mom + Pop CD 2013
Pasaki Onkuliem Ata “Pasaki Onkuliem Ata” Good Noise | Children of Yapthma stream 1994
the Doll Eyes “The Great Runner Up” The Great Runner Up EP | 75 or Less CD 2013
Rebel Riot “I’m an Outlaw” Destructive Chaos | bandcamp stream 2012
Snake Eater “Prodavacica” Dabar | bandcamp stream 2012
Phiasco “Ages of Thunder” OL | bandcamp stream 2012

SOTD: Johnny Angel Wendell and Friends “My Lesbian Friend” b/w Vamanos a Panama | Sound of Southwest 45 2012
the Statics “Won’t Return My Calls” Punk Rock and Roll | Rip Off CD 199?
Ugh God “The New Teen Spirit” A Pony On Top Of a Mountain | bandcamp stream 2011
Thee Open Sex “Gimme Away” Thee Open Sex | bandcamp stream 2013
the Vacant Lots “6am” Psych For Sore Eyes | Sonic Cathedral stream 2013
Moss Icon “Divinity Cove” Complete Discography Sampler | Temporary Residence CD 1989?/2012

My Bloody Valentine “Nothing Is” MBV | mbv CD 2013
Chelsea Light Moving “Groovy & Linda” tracks| matablog mp3 2012

Horsehands “Tender Vittles” Sirs | bandcamp stream 2012
Gringo Star “Taller” b/w Going Way Out | My Anxious Mouth 45 2012
Foxygen “We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic” We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic | Jagjaguwar CD 2013
Elder “Dead Roots Stirring” Live at O’Briens | youtube stream 2012
Phantom Buffalo “Frost Throat” Tadaloora | Microcultures CD 2013

Magic Circle “Magic Circle/Cloven in Two” s/t | Armageddon Shop CD 2013
the Stags “Told You So” b/w Moving On | Drug Front 45 2012
the Heavy Eyes “One Hand on the Buffalo” Maera | bandcamp stream 2012
Pile “Sun Poisoning” Dripping | bandcamp stream 2013

Sparky D “Punk Rock Rap” This is Sparky’s World | B-Boy CD 1987
Black Merda “Prophet” the Folks From Mother’s Mixer | Funky Delicacies CD 1969/2004

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