Late Risers’ Club Playlist – January 5, 2011

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Television “Little Johnny Jewel” The Blow Up | Danceteria CD 1975/1993
Hex Map “Zeuglodon” Cryptidography | Claw Solutions CD 2010
Gang of Four “A Fruitfly in a Beehive” forthcoming | KCRW’s Today’s Top Tune Podcast 2011

Parting Gifts “Hanna” Strychnine Dandelion | In the Red CD 2010
Jan & Dean “Girl You’re Blowing My Mind” Carnival of Sound | Rhino Handmade CD 1968/2010

SOTD ” Cradle to the Grave “Before the Dawn” EP | s/r CD 2010
Tight Bros From Way Back When “Bring Your Thunder” Lend You a Hand | Kill Rock Stars CD 1999
Red Crayola “Letter Bomb” Soldier Talk | Drag City CD 1979/2007
the Undertones “Girls Don’t Like It” s/t | Essential CD 1979/2000
the Rattlesnakes “Parking Garage” Spread for the Wide Eagle | TRS CD 2010
NYC UFOs “There Goes My Ego” Newer Stations | Bandcamp mp3 2010

bed music Rafael Toral “Desiree” Violence of Discovery and Calm of Acceptance | Touch CD 2001/2010

the Remains “Doo Wah Diddy” s/t | Epic CD 1966/2007
Ty Segall “Girlfriend” Melted | Goner CD 2010
Viva L’American Death Ray Music “B1 O1J291/The New Age” A New Commotion A Delicate Tension | Misprint CD 2003

Sweet Apple “Never Came” Love & Desperation | Tee Pee LP 2010
Pretty Things “Miss Fay Regrets” Parachute | Snapper CD 1967/1999
Rock City “Answer” Rock City | Lucky 7 CD 1970/2003
The Action “Icarus” Rolled Gold | Reaction CD 1968/2002
Tulsa “St Paul” New Stuff | s/r mp3 2010
So Cow “Limboat” Meaningless Friendly | Tic Tac Totally LP 2009
Heater “Where Do You Go” So Many Heads | Hungry Mother CD 2008
Robyn “None of Dem f. Rokysopp” Body Talk | Konichiwa CD 2010

bed music Rafael Toral “Liberte” Violence of Discovery and Calm of Acceptance | Touch CD 2001/2010

Ten Years Old “Lion, Guard, & Gate” And the Minotaurs | Secret Awesome 7″ 2010
Gibson Bros “Hot Dog” Build a Raft | Columbus Discount LP 1986/2010
Au Pairs “Come Again” the Very Best Of | Cherry Red CD 1981/1999
Helms “Ten Thousand Things” McCarthy | Kimchee CD 2002
Laces Out “Prince Albert Pujols” Where I Grew Up | Bandcamp mp3 2010
Jack O’ Fire “Wine Wine Wine” Beware the Soulless Cool | 1+2 CD 1994

Black Merda “Prophet” The Folks From Mother’s Mixer | Funky Delicacies CD 1970/2004

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