Late Risers’ Club Playlist – June 1, 2011

Hank Ballard “What’s Your Name” v/a Hipshakers vol 2 | Vampi Soul CD 2011
Sparks “At Home, At Work, At Play” Propaganda | Island LP 1974
Cotton Candy “Hot Weiners” | Teen Beat 12″ 2010
Obits “Shift Operator” Moody Standard and Poor | Sub Pop CD 2010
Rodan “Everyday World of Bodies” Rusty | Quarterstick CD 1994
Minutemen “It’s Expected I’m Gone” Double Nickels on the Dime | SST LP 1984

SOTD: Boris “GALAXIANS” Heavy Rocks | Sargent House CD 2011
New Bomb Turks “Girl Can Help It” Information Highway Revisited | Crypt LP 1994
Baby Grandmothers “Somebody Keeps Calling My Name” s/t | Subliminal Sounds LP 1966/2007
Purling Hiss “Almost Washed My Hair” s/t | Permanent LP 2010

Bob Dylan “Love Sick” Time Out of Mind | Columbia LP 1997

Jerusalem & the Starbaskets “Walking Across Your Grave” Dost | De Stijl CD 2011
the Monks “I Can’t Get Over You” Black Time | International LP 1966/1999
Black Sabbath “A National Acrobat” Sabbath Bloody Sabbath | Earmark LP 1973/1996
Queen “Tie Your Mother Down” A Day At the Races | Elektra LP 1976
the Carlisles “I’m Rough Stuff” v/a Mercury Hillbilly | Official CD 195?/2003
Southern Culture on the Skids “Come As You Are/Lucifer Sam” The Kudzu Ranch | Kudzu CD 2011
Radio Control “Riding Bikes” Hot Audio | Polk CD 2011
the Revelators “Buzzard & the Hawk” Let a Poor Boy Ride | Crypt LP 1995/2010

the Mummies “Stronger Than Dirt” Never Been Caught | Telstar LP 1992
Arvid Noe “Splinter” Rock and Roll Circus Tour CD | s/r CD 2011
Dope Body “Bangers & Yos” Nupping | Hoss LP 2011
Skimask “Your Tempurpedic Mattress is Holding You Hostage” Rock and Roll Circus Tour CD | s/r CD 2011
Pond Scum “Pond Scum Shuffle” Mix Tape | Secret Awesome CD 2011
Bbigpigg “Foxx the Fox” Phantom Photography | s/r CD 2011

Lavern Baker “I Want to Rock” v/a Shout It Out Sister | Primo CD 1950/2006

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