Late Riser’s Club Playlist November 18, 2009

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Jay Reatard “Nothing Now” Watch Me Fall | Matador CD 2009
Small 23 “Noodles” True Zero Hook | Alias CD 1993
the Slits “Reject” Trapped Animals | Narnack CD 2009
Nirvana “Love Buzz” Bleach | Sub Pop CD 1989/2009
Swell Maps “Big Maz in the Country” b/w Let’s Build a Car | Rough Trade 45 1979

the Figgs “Let’s Get Arrested” b/w Go Before | march 45 1993
Dead Cats Dead Rats “Hook” Riff | s/r CD 2009
Monotonix “Spit It On Your Face” Where Were You When It Happened? | Drag City CD 2009
Rock City “The Answer” Rock City | Lucky Seven CD 1971/2003

SOTD: False Alarm “Youth Gone Mad” Youth Gone Mad | False Alarm CD 2002/2009
Teengenerate “Bad Boy” b/w Sex Cow | Estrus 45 199
the Specials “Rat Race” b/w xx | Two Tone 45 1980
Pens “I Sing Just For You” Hey friend! What You Doing | de Stijl CD 2009
68 Comeback “16 Tons” b/w Willie and the Hand Jive | 1+2 45 1994
Jawbox “Savory” For Your Own Special Sweetheart | de Soto CD 1993/2009

the King Khan & BBQ Show “Spin the Bottle” Invisible Girl | in the Red CD 2009
Viva L’American Death Ray Music “Sycophant” b/w New Commotion | Misprint 45 2003
Drug Rug “Passes On” Paint the Fence Invisible | Black & Green CD 2009
Reigning Sound “Stick Up For Me” Love and Curses | in the Red CD 2009

the Mekons “Work All Week” b/w Unknown Wrecks | Virgin 45 1979
Appletown Gun Shop “Dirty Days” Ghosts of Green | s/r CD 2009
Mission of Burma “SSL 83” The Sound, the Speed, the Light | Matador CD 2009
Bobby Darin “She Knows” b/w Talk With The Animals | Atlantic 45 1967
the Ettes “Blood Red Blood” Do You Want Power | Take Root CD 2009
the Inhalants “Mad Scramble” split w/ One Four Fives | Peek-a-Boo 45 1995

Converge “Effigy” Axe to Fall | Epitaph CD 2009
Baliset “Dreamflesh” A Time For Rust | Ret-Con CD 2009

Bacchus King “Snake Oil” s/t | Curve of the Earth CD 2009
Techlepathy “Anthem For Future History” Anthem For Future History | Speed Nebraska! CD 2009
the Jam “Start” b/w Liza Radley | Poldor 45 1980
Fergus & Geronimo “Powerful Lovin'” b/w Blind Muslim Girl | Tic Tac Totally 45 2009
the Screws “In Case You Need Love” Shake Your Monkey | In the Red CD 2001

the Dirtbombs “Tina Louise” Tina Louise | Flying Bomb 45 1998
Kent 3 “the Sleeper” Coin of the Realm | eMpTy 45 1993
Vivian Girls “I Have No Fun” Everthing Goes Wrong | In the Red 2009

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