Late Risers’ Club Playlist – November 3, 2010

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the Revelators “These Calloused Hands” We Told You Not to Cross Us | Crypt CD 1997
Porch Ghouls “” Bluff City Ruckus | Roman CD 2003
the Deadly Snakes “Pirate Cowboy” I’m Not Your Soldier Anymore | In the Red CD 2001
La Peste “Better Off Dead” b/w | Black 7″ 1978
Big Dipper “Faith Healer” Boo Boo | Merge CD 198?/2008

Flash and the Pan “Lady Killer” s/t | Epic LP 1978
Interpol “”Success” Interpol | Matador CD 2010
Boston Spaceships “Fly Away (Terry Sez)” Our Cubehouse Still Rocks | GBV CD 2010
Vaselines “Whitechapel” Sex With an X | Sub Pop CD 2010

SOTD: A City Safe From Sea “”You An All Your Friends” Throw Me Through Walls | Magic Bullet CD 2010
Statford 4 “Hydroplane” The Revolt Against Tired Noises | Jetset CD 2001
the Metamatics “Absence of Rhythm” split with Make-Up | Black Gemini 45 1995
Districts “Absurd Walls” Revolt Freedom Passion | bandcamp mp3 2010
Marnie Stern “For Ash” Marnie Stern | Kill Rock Stars CD 2010
Cyclub “Don’t Panic” Cyclub | Microearth CD 2004

bed music Collage “Ehted Kadunud ” Fifty-Four Minutes Twenty Seconds

Jack O’Fire “Spoonful” Soul Music 101 Chapter 2 | Sympathy For The Record Industry 45 1994
the Monks “Oh How to Do Now” 5 Upstart Americans | Omplatten CD 1965/1999

the Fall-Outs “Sleep” Sleep | Super-Electro LP 1994
Superchunk “Rope Light” Majesty Shredding | Merge CD 2010
the Capstan Shafts “Class War Tease” Revelation Skirts | Rainbow Quartz CD 2010
Great Plains “Pretty Dictionary” Mark Don Mel EP | New Age LP 1983
Kevyn and the Kasualties “Holy Trinity” Kevyn and the Kasualties | ? mp3 1983

the Mo-Dettes “White Mice” White Mice/Masochistic Opposite | s/r 45 1979
Blue Angel “Cut Out” s/t | Polydor LP 1980
the Red Crayola “On the Brink” Soldier Talk | Drag City CD 1979/2007

the Rip Offs “Cops” Got A Record | Rip Off LP 1994
the Nerves “Hanging on the Telephone” One Way Ticket | Alive CD 2010
Man or Astroman? “Name of Numbers” Mission Into Chaos | One Louder 45 1994

the Mojo Men “There Goes My Mind” There Goes My Mind | Sundazed CD 1968/2003
the Pretty Things “Miss Fay Regrets” Parachute | Snapper CD 1969/1999
the Lot Six “Anniversary Honey Bell” b/w the Hot Spot | Espo 45 2002
LL Cool J “I Need A Beat” I Need a Beat | Def Jam 12″ 1984

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