Late Risers’ Club Playlist – October 5, 2011

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Whodini “Haunted House of Rap” Ego Trip Singles: 1983 | Ego Trip mp3 1983
Run D.M.C. “Mary, Mary” Tougher Than Leather | Profile LP 1988
Das Racist “Michael Jackson” Relax | Greedhead CD 2011
Simon & Garfunkel “You Don’t Know Where Your Interest Lies” Fakin It | Columbia 45 1968
Crap Detectors “Police State” b/w Set Program | Real 45 1979
Simple Ones “Forget You” Strapping Fieldhands split | Shangri-La 45 1996
Soccer Mom “(A) Natural History” You’re Not Going to Heaven | 100m CD 2011
Jack O’Fire “No Love Lost” The Destruction of Squaresville | Estrus CD 1994
the Red Krayola “Leejol” God Bless the Red Krayola and All Who Sail With It | Charly CD 1968/2011

SOTD: the Ettes “My Baby Cried All Night Long” Wicked Will | Fontana CD 2011
Dicky Lee “Party Doll” b/w Laurie | Fox Family 45 1965
the Boorays “You Move Me Like a Slug” b/w Girl Repellent | Faye 45 1993
the Globs “I Hate the 21st Century” Hit You With Your Own Fantastic | s/r bandcamp 2011
Wild Flag “Racehorse” s/t | Merge CD 2011

Archers of Loaf “What Did You Expect?” Icky Mettle | Merge CD 1994/2011
J Church “If I’m Lonely” Wat Tyler split | SD 45 1995

Neptune “Collection Plate” Silent Partner | Northern Spy CD 2011
Polar Bear Club “Religion on the Radio” Clash Battle Guilt Pride | Bridge Nine CD 2011
the Grifters “Holmes” b/w Junkie Blood | Darla 45 1994
Dead By Wednesday “The Message You’re Missing” The Last Parade | Fake Four CD 2011
the Prosthelyte “Thirty Thousand Feet of Shark” v/a The Phoenix Born of Fire, Vol. 1 | Phoenix bandcamp 2011

the Oh Sees “Carrion Crawler” Carrion Crawler/The Dream | In the Red CD 2011

bed music: Kanaga Orchestra of Mopti “Gambari” Sorry Bamba | Thrill Jockey CD 197?/2011

Muck + the Mires “I Don’t Need a Reason” A Cellarful of Muck | Dirty Water CD 2011
Hum “Pinch & Roll” Electra 2000 | 12Inch CD 1993
Silkworm “Inside Outside” b/w Slipstream | Punchdrunk 45 1991
Zoom “Cycle of Fifths” Helium Octopede | Tim/Kerr CD 1993
the Marathons “Peanut Butter” b/w | Arvee 45 1961

Sroeng Santi “Kuen Kuen Leung Leung” v/a Thai? Dai! | B-Music CD 197?/2011

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