Late Risers’ Club – September 8, 2010

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the Exciters “A Little Bit of Soap” b/w I’m Gonna Get Him Someday | Bang! 45 1966
Triple Thick “Poor Born” s/t | s/r CD 2010
Mmoss “Hedge Creeper” i | s/r CD 2010
D is For Dragster “Jailhouse Rock” b/w Chrysler Solid State | Speed Nebraska 45 2000
the Vaselines “My God’s Bigger Than Your God” Sex With an X | Sub Pop CD 2010
Jack O’ Fire “Shake Your Hips” The lost lessons | Shake Your Ass 45 1994/2002

CAVE “This is the Best” Live on WFMU’s Talk’s Cheap | WFMU podcast 2010

SOTD: Coma Coma “Cheap Disguise” Chateau Rex | 75 or Less CD 2010
Small “Somebody Owes Me Money” Makes Me High | Matt 45 1991
J/Q “Second Hand Cigarette” Stylin’ | s/r mp3 2010

Girlfriends “Creep Stuff” b/w Gov’t Seizure | Aurora Seven 45 2010
This Bike is a Pipebomb “Hot Diggety” | Arkham 45 1998?
Superchunk “Slow Drip” Majesty Shredding | Merge CD 2010

bed music : Loren Mazzacane “Biggest Light of All” Listen to the Blues | Daggett 45 1981

Rangda “Bull Lore” s/t | Drag City CD 2010
Shellac “The Admiral” b/w XVI | Drag City 45 1993

Ronnie Self “Bop-a-Lena” Mr Frantic | Norton 45 1958/199?
Silkworm “Into the Woods” b/w Incanduce California | Rockamundo 45 1993
the Hate Bombs “She’s the Girl” She’s the Girl | Speedometer 45 1994
Wallcreeper “Portrait” Time Taken | s/r CD 2010
the Needy Visions “At Risk Youth” s/t | Bodies of Water LP 2010

Man or Astroman? “Electrostatic Brain Field” Brains of the Cosmos | Demolition Derby 45 1994
the Posies “So Caroline” Blood/Candy | Ryko CD 2010
Honey Clouds “Still As You” Cover the Forest | Peapod CD 2010
Dungen “Vara Snabb” Skit i Aalt | Kemado CD 2010

bed music: Loren Mazzacane Connors “In a Street Full of Rain” split with Roy Montgomery | Gyttia 45 1996

Phantom Buffalo “Radio Signal” Cement Postcard With Owl Colors | Messie Murders CD 2010
Sleater-Kinney “You Ain’t It” b/w Surf Song | Villa Villa Kula 45 1994
Scuppernong “Strayhorn” b/w Pave | Jetison 45 1991
Billy and the Boingers “U Stink But I (Heart) U” b/w I’m a Boinger | Bloom County 45 1987
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds “Albert Goes West” Dig Lazarus Dig | Anti 2008

Prince Rama “Storm Worship” Shadow Temple | Pawtracks CD 2010

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