More Samson Rubicon 6a thoughts

As a followup to my first impressions of the Rubicons, I took a copy of the live set home with me and have been listening to it over the past couple days.

So, with a little bit of distance, I can say: man, that mix translated super well! The midrange and high-end balance and tones I heard in the control room are really close to what I heard at home. In this regard they definitely best the JBL LSR28p’s that we use as monitors (and, at about $2000 a pair, are 4 times more expensive).

The bass was a big exception to this, however. The bass response is definitely weak, and the mix came out slightly bass-heavy and a little muddy, particularly the bass guitar. Which is to be expected with 6.5 inch woofers; the graphs on the back of the monitors show they start to roll off at 100 Hz.


Initial impression is favorable, tempered on both sides by realizing that for $450 there are gonna be some definite tradeoffs. (AKA there is no free lunch). The ADAM P11A’s are definitely superior, but they definitely cost like 5x as much.

We’ll see if a little time changes things, and also what the others think.

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