New Pipeline! Website Features

After a long winter, we here at Pipeline! have started making improvements to  this here website that you’re looking at.

First and most importantly, you’ll now see a graphic at the top of every playlist post.  Click on the “Play” half of the graphic, and you’ll automatically start listening to that week’s episode of Pipeline! – at any time – without having to do anything else. (though you’ll catch the last few minutes of the show previous due to the nature of the way the mp3s archive)

Neat, huh?  Oh, it’s not perfect—the links will only be good for a couple weeks due to copyright regulations, standard disclaimers apply, etc. etc. etc.,  But it sure makes it easy to listen to if you miss a show.

Next up are some improvements to our Podcast—but I’ll discuss those in a separate post.  To be continued!

For those of you into RSS, we cleaned up our feeds and now offer a simple, easy-to-find feed of all our entries, instead of the separate per-category feeds we used to have.

If you missed it, we now have our very own MySpace page, complete with some pictures of our bad selves.   We’re only adding bands who’ve played on the show as friends, so don’t be upset if we reject you… instead, send us your music!.  Jeff listens to everything that’s sent.  Seriously.

Finally, we’ve started adding more historical info to the Who are you guys? page.  Pipeline! has been around for a long time, many people have come and gone, and we think it’s important to acknowledge those who’ve helped bring you the show over the years.

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