Perilous Podcasting: Drug Rug

After 2 weeks of head-scratching by our engineering staff, the Drug Rug podcast and live stream is finally correct. Some people emailed me thinking that the whole thing was pitched up and sped up a step beteween the actual braodcast and the initial posting of the set online. What was at issue was unmatched sampling rates that made the entire recording altered from it’s original form. Last night with a few hexadecimal calculations, the situation was remedied.

For those who have an older version of the set, delete it and reload it. For those who subscribe to our podcast via iTunes, the idea is the same, the process, just a step more complicated. First: Delete the Drug Rug set from your podcasts. Second: Unsubscribe to the Pipeline! podcast. Third: reSubscribe to the Pipeline! podcast. Forth: Get the Drug Rug Set again as it will now show up again. Fifth: Listen to the band rock at the proper pitch and tempo.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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