Pipeline is podcasting!

Here it is: the Pipeline! podcast, straight from WMBR’s studios!

What is podcasting, you ask? Basically, it is all about having your computer download mp3’s automatically, as they are published on the web. You can listen afterwards on your computer or portable mp3 player – however you want.

There are many programs configure and manage podcasts on your computer – iPodder, for example, is free/open source software for windows, mac, and linux. The websites ipodder.org and podcasting-tools.com both contain helpful links to other podcasting clients.

If podcasting scares you a little, you may just want to stream one of our archived programs, which are now available on demand. Sadly, legal restrictions limit us to providing only the past two weeks of broadcasts. (The podcast, on the other hand, contains only live performances and will be available indefinitely.)

Enjoy the live music, and let us know what you think!

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