Pipeline! Playlist 1-24-2006

Ponies in the Surf “Sing My Lord”
Sam Rosen “I’m All Yours”
Rachael Cantu “Hear My Laughter”
Constants ” When Stars Dilate”
Honeyhander “Hiding Small Children in Cabinets”
New Radiant Storm King “Accountant of the Year”
Moon Bats “Words Matter”
Rockets Burst From Streetlamps “Echo Minor”
Winterpills “Found Weekend”
the Beatings “Scorched Earth Policy”
Ketman “The Queen of Darts”
Sharking “Stop Look & Listen”
the Texas Governor “Leave Your Life Behind You”
Taxpayer “In My Final Year”
jdwalker “Nails Over Munjoy”

Certainly, Sir LIVE

Karacter “Chocolate”

Certainly, Sir INTERVIEW

the Curtain Society “Feather”

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