Pipeline! Playlist 10-18-05

Ten Years Old “Femme Fatale”
Clov “Denbow”
Asian Mae “You Need It, Then It Comes”
Feathers “Silverleaves in the Air of Starseedlings”
Micah Blue Smaldone “Coal Black Crepe”
Fern Knight “Give Me Your Hand”
the Coffin Lids “I’m Gonna Have My Way (with the 5678s)”
Vandermark 5 “That Was Now (for the Volcano Suns)”
the MV & EE Medicine Show “Fort Dummer Thala”
Sunburned Hand of the Man “Dancing With the Double Edged Sword”

Phantom Buffalo ACOUSTIC LIVE
“Be the Boss”
“Mrs. Connelly”
“In a Summer Grove”

Faces on Film LIVE

J + Friends “Take Me Home”
Geoff Farina, Luther Gray, Dan Littleton “Liquor Store”

Faces on Film INTERVIEW

Pants Yell! “’83 in ’05”

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