Pipeline! Playlist 10-25-2005

Josh Ritter “Blame it on the Tetons”
Phantom Buffalo “84 Today”
Visitations “You Need It, Then It Comes”
the Hidden “Sharpening Knives”
Harris “Last Sentiment”
Pixies “Where is My Mind? (live)”
the Black Clouds “Lie”
the Irreverends “Ghettos on Fire”
the Coffin Lids “I’m Gonna Have My Way (with the 5678s)”
Satellite Lot “Double Yellow Lines”
Sage Francis “Slow Down Gandhi”
Soltero “Ghost at the Foot of the Bed”
B for Brontosaurus “Soda Pop Rock”
Sinaloa “November’s Unanswered Questions”
the Bunwinkies “Yellow Jam”

Tiger Saw LIVE
“It’s Been Raining”
“O Dylan”
“R U Courageous”
“All My Friends”
“For Molly”
“Singing With Ghosts”
“For Adrian”

Nat Baldwin “Wake Up It’s Time to Rise”
the Songs “track 3”


Mike Flood “Lemmings on the Run”
Geoff Farina, Luther Gray, Dan Littleton “Harmonia”
Ketman “Taciturn”

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