Pipeline! Playlist 11-22-2005

Chris Weisman “Day Sleeper”
Freezepop “Outer Space/ Plastic Stars”
Made in Mexico “Clockwork”
Honeyhander “Professional Poise”
the Sharking “Life Has Been”
Hilken Mancini and Chris Colbourn “Wedding Cake”
J + Friends “AMMA What Now?”
Winterpills “Portrait”
Coffin Lids “Kick Out of You”
B for Brontosaurus “Soda Pop Rock”
Keys to the Streets of Fear “Heidi Slimane (Francais)”
Radar Eyes “Nightwalker”

thee Electric Bastards LIVE
“Peepin’ Song”
“Play the Fool”
“Problem Song”
“Black Jets”
“Bad Luck”
“Pork Machine”
“Mediocre Mass”
“World of Sound”

Campaign for Real Time “In Your Dreams”
Landing “How to Be Clear”
Satellite Lot “All Defenses Down”

thee Electric Bastards INTERVIEW

Feathers “Past the Moon”
Alvin Lucier “A Tribute to James Tenney part 4”

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