Pipeline! Playlist 11-29-2005

Eyes Like Knives “Unknown, Nowhere”
Campaign For Real Time “Something is Wrong”
Ten Years Old “Shockwave Nation”
Certainly, Sir “Midnight Again”
Ryan Lee Crosby “Worth the Trouble”
Anushka Pop “Carry On”
Made in Mexico “Infrared Eye”
Feathers “Ibex Horn”
Honeyhander “Our Connoisseurs are Feelers”
KG Fields “Joeline and the Bottlecap Curtain”
Phantom Buffalo “Five Charming Animals”
Winterpills “Threshing Machine”
Fern Knight “The Summer Day Reflection Song”
Satellite Lot “Hold Your Fire”

the Rudds LIVE

Tiger Saw “For Adrian”
Coffin Lids “She’s the Bomb”


Micah Blue Smaldone “Funny Farm”

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