Pipeline! Playlist 2-14-2006 Happy Valentine’s Day

Dirty Projectors “Ladies You Have Exiled Me”
Rose Polenzani “The First Time”
Consonant “Call It L___”
27 “Closer To You”
Ashby “Likeminded”
Campaign For Real-Time “Of Course We Love You, But Now We’re Gonna Love You With The Phone Hung Up”
Alec K Redfearn and the Eyesores “Heartpunch”
the Stairs “Queen of Mixed Signals”
the Rudds “Keep My Love”
Little Wooden Men “Bottom of the Lake”
Torrez “All the Riders”
Tiger Saw “Love Will Kill”
Tree By Leaf “Regardless of the Cost”
the Mammals “Come As You Are”
the Chinese Stars “(Love) and the Electric Chair”
Josh Ritter “Come and Find Me”
the Books “A True Story of True Love”

Feathers LIVE
“Wind in a Barrel”
*Meara New
“Tulip Tree”
*Ruthie New
“January Thaw”
“Smokin’ Time”

Soltero “Sweetheart”


the Capstan Shafts “Perfect Bound Someday”

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