Pipeline! Playlist 2/7/2006

the Mammals “Silk Song”
Ms. Margarette “This Life”
Ponies in the Surf “Slow Down Sugar”
Dirty Projectors “Nevermind”
the Figgs “Something is Wrong”
Feathers “Moss and Mold”
Between the Pines “Shoot Me in the Spine”
the Beatings “Remedial Math Rock”
Moon Bats “Opus for Ayler”
Eef Barzelay “Escape Artist Blues”
HNATIW “It’s Not Math”
Certainly, Sir “Overbite”
jdwalker “Omen”
the Bags “Frilly Underwear”

the Chris Brokaw Rock Band LIVE

International Pen Pal “I Can’t Think Of You Without Smiling”
Ten Years Old “Saddest Song”

the Chris Brokaw Rock Band INTERVIEW

Brzowski “Height and Weight”

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