Pipeline! Playlist 3-7-2006

(Thank You) “The Familiar Stream”
Eef Barzelay “Well”
Nat Baldwin “Apollo”
Muck and the Mires “I Never Got Over You”
the Curtain Society “Every Corner of the Room”
Rachael Cantu “Blood Laughs”
Mates of State “So Many Ways”
the Motion Sick “Satellite”
Frank Smith “I’m on Fire”
Witch “Black Saint”
the Capstan Shafts “The Failure of History”
Mission of Burma “Max Ernst”
the Cush “Dandelion Wine”
Moon Bats “Just Tell Me So”
Chop Chop “Lines”

Polaris Mine LIVE

Casey Dienel “Embroidery”

Polaris Mine INTERVIEW

Landing “Solstice”

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