Pipeline! Playlist 4-11-06

Seekonk “The Great Compromise”
Geoff Farina “Already Told You”
Ryan Lee and the Mindless “In a Little While”
Josh Ritter “Monster Ballads”
Witch “Seer”
Magik Markers “Kawliga and the Astronaut”
Tunnel of Love “21st Century Dude”
Ketman “The Queen of Darts”
Geoff Mullen “(Track 1)”
the Submarines “Peace and Hate”
the Cush “Roll Me”
Little Wooden Men “You’re All So Pitiful”
Dredd Foole “Freedom”
Dirty Projectors “Imagine It”
the Capstan Shafts “Signature Car Funk”
Chris and Aurore “Crowded Up in Heaven”
Deer Tick “Blood Moon”
the Acrobrats “Good on Paper”
Muck and the Mires “I Never Got Over You”
Dresden Dolls “Mandy Goes to Med School”
Victory at Sea “Bored Otherwise”
(Ben Lucal) “Virgin Forest”
Callers “The Other Day”
Casey Dienel “Everything”
Ten Years Old “Learn a New Song”

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