Pipeline! Playlist 4-26-2005

Marissa Nadler “Mr John Lee (Velveteen Rose)”
Ana├»s Mitchell “Two Houses”
Ashby “Little Voice”
the Charms “Don’t Bring It Down”
Blitzkrieg Bliss “Citadel”
Mary Timony “Friend to JC”
the Books “Smells Like Content”
the Dirty Projectors” “I Will Truck”
Reverend Glasseye “Sweet Sweet Countryman”
the Black Clouds “Black Cloud”
Willie Alexander and the Boom Boom Band “Oh Daddy Oh”
Dinosaur Jr “Repulsion”
Brian Michael Roff “The Best Is Yet to Come”
Ad Frank and the Fast Easy Women “Life’s Assorted Lessons”


Soltero “Ghost at the Foot of the Bed”
Mobius Band “City Vs. Country”
the Static Age “Vertigo

BIG BEAR interview

the Konks “Here She Comes”

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