Pipeline! Playlist 5-9-2006

Our Lady of Bells “Oh My Oh My”
Tom Thumb “Dark Rooms”
Nat Baldwin “Heavy to Hold”
Major Stars “The Ravager”
Mission of Burma “Nancy Reagan’s Head”
Doomriders “The Whipcrack”
Scamper “Bruised By You”
Submarines “Ready or Not”
Seekonk “The Great Compromise”
Mittens “Baby Don’t Know”
the Spoilers “Strike the Bell”
La Peste “Pop Rock Polls”
Asian Mae, Caleb Mulkerin, Estrella Rogers “Sequins”

Magic People LIVE

Merrie Amsterburg “Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair”
Sool “The Girl That I Just Met”
Pants Yell! “Our Turf”

Magic People INTERVIEW

Josh Ritter “Good Man”
Capstan Shafts “Aching Tiny Everywheres”
Campaign for Real-Time “Something is Wrong”

One thought on “Pipeline! Playlist 5-9-2006

  1. Love the embedded mp3! It shows up very nicely on my personalized Yahoo page.

    Oh yes, and the set sounds very good too, engineers – I’d be interested to hear the no-air-chain mix.

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