Pipeline! Playlist 5/23, 2005

Mobius Band “The Loving Sounds of Static”
the Books “Be Good to Them Always”
Boy in Static “Bellyful”
Miniwatt “Real Smiles”
Big Bear “#10”
Tiny Hawks “The Things You Belong To and the Things That Belong To You”
Soltero “Acadian Coast”
Mary Timony “Return to Pirates”
the Dirty Projectors “I Sit on the Ridge At Dusk”
Auto Interiors “True Life in Cinema”
Chris Weisman “Patience Love”
Marissa Nadler “Lily, Henry, and the Willow Trees”
Brian Michael Roff “Unfantastic Few”
Feathers “The Hesitation”
Ten Years Old “Bed of Glue”
Micah Blue Smaldone “More Than I Can Bear”
Phantom Buffalo “Waves of the World”
the Perceptionists “Black Dialogue”
the Black Clouds “Cash My Check”

the Charms LIVE

Ashby “Getting Started”
Mahi Mahi “654321”

the Charms INTERVIEW

Modern Syndrome “Pink Flowery Apron of Shame”

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