Pipeline! Playlist 6-14-05

Casey Dienel “Doctor Moore”
Eilen Jewell “Nowhere in No Time”
Alto Reform School “Hang on in There”
the Reports “The Hostess”
Auto Interiors “A Clear Adhesive”
the Sterns “Say Goodbye to the Camera”
Big Bear “Track 2”
Cerberus Shoal “A Pie for President”
Dirty Projectors “I Will Truck”
the Stairs “Don’t Abandon Your Band”
the Specific Heats “Ice Cream Shop”
Willie Alexander and the Boom Boom Band “Ogalala”
Boy in Static “Broke”
Ashby “Cloud Cover”
Apollo Sunshine “The Hotter, the Wetter, the Better”

Daniel Striped Tiger LIVE

the Books “A Little Longing Goes Away”
Marissa Nadler “Damsel in the Dark”
Chris Weisman “Daysleeper”

Daniel Striped Tiger INTERVIEW

Mobius Band “Close the Door”
Tree by Leaf “Give it All You Can”
Nice & Easy “Buckets of Magic”
Ten Years Old “Goanbloit”

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