Pipeline! Playlist 8-9-2005

Visitations “Track 2”
Little Wooden Men “Lay on the Tracks”
Reverend Glasseye “Sleep Sweet Countryman”
Mobius Band “The Loving Sound of Static”
Ashby “Won’t Remember”
the Sterns “Ruby in Paradise”
the Coffin Lids “Teenage Shakedown”
the Charms “Talk is Cheap”
Mike and the Ravens “One of These Days”
Black Helicopter “Buick Elektra”
the Beatings “All Dead Heroes”
Edan “Funky Voltron”
Leslie and the LYs “Tune in Tokyo”
james Kochalka Superstar “Copenhagen China Box”

Mr Airplane Man LIVE REBROADCAST 2/16/2002

the Stairs “This Town Let Me Down”
Brian Michael Roff and the Deer “This Yellowed Yield”
Tree by Leaf “That’s Why I Keep On”

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