Pipeline! Playlist April 15, 2008 Tax Day

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Thalia Zedek Band “Body Memory”
Arborea “Black Mountain Road”
White Hinterland “Lindberghs and Flying Birds”

Wood Burning Cat “Maybe Someday if Alaina Andersen Googles Her Own Name She’ll Find This Song”
Pants Yell! “Evan’s Way”
Maybe It’s Reno “Venice Itch”

Witch “Mutated”
Captain Cuttthroat “20 Bombs”
Turpentine Brothers “Plans”

the Submarines “You, Me and the Bourgeoise”
the Hot Box “The Waltz”
Annie Lynch & the Beekeepers “Silhouette”

Jason Anderson “The Half Of It”
the Rattlesnakes “Hey Dave”

the Soft Drugs LIVE

Fern Knight “Hawk Mountain”
Lo Fine “Runaway Lullaby”
Bread and Roses “Babylon is Fallen”

the Soft Drugs INTERVIEW

Hooray For Earth “Warm Out”
Girls Guns and Glory “Only One Thing”

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