Pipeline! Playlist August 16, 2005

Ten Years Old “Into Your Mind”
Franklin’s Mint “Another Good Deal Gone Bad”
Pants Yell! “Stop Making Music”
Feathers “Abacus”
Ashby “Eyes Open Wide”
Edan “Beauty”
Apollo Sunshine “Today is the Day”
Black Helicopter “Captain”
Pernice Brothers “Saddest Quo”
Leslie and the LYs “Beat Box Radio”
Mobius Band “Close the Door”
James Kochalka Superstar “I Am Rock”
Sunburned Hand of the Man “Skullcap”
Hotrod Fury “Lucky Prowler”
the Rudds “Always Cool”
Major Stars “Black Road”
Ponies in the Surf “Fairy in My House”

the Bunwinkies LIVE

Tree by Leaf “You Show All the Signs”

One thought on “Pipeline! Playlist August 16, 2005

  1. luv the Major Stars “Black Road” got a link for rhis? thanks for the playlist! be well.

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