Pipeline! Playlist August 2, 2005

Apollo Sunshine “Flip!”
Northern “Toledo, OH”
Brian Michael Roff and the Deer “For Pledges”
the Rudds “Something Great”
Low-Beam “Airstream”
Waltham “Cheryl (Come and Take a Ride)”
Franklin’s Mint “Gold”
Little Wooden Men “Paisley”
Major Stars “Pocket”
Ashby “Anyone Anywhere”
Reports “The Hostess”
the Beatings “Stockholm Syndrome Relapse”
Mike and the Ravens “I’ve Taken All I Can”
Ponies in the Surf “New Century Program”

All Combinations INTERVIEW

the Stairs “Einstein and His Enemies”

All Combinations LIVE

the Sterns “Day Number Two”
Jon Nolan “Cupboard”
Ray Mason “Hasten to Ruin”
Micah Blue Smaldone “More Than I Can Bear”
Miniwatt “I Can’t Stand Waiting For It”
Casey Dienel “Embroidery”

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