Pipeline! Playlist August 23, 2005

Tiger Saw “Sing!”
Ponies in the Surf “Death of a Librarian”
Feathers “Angel in the Sky”
Ric Ocasek “In a Little Bit”
Low-Beam “Fathom”
Mobius Band “Doo Wop”
Apollo Sunshine “Lord”
Black Helicopter “Head of Steam”
the Rudds “Stand a Chance”
Embalmed by Vastness “Hammers and Hatchets”
Major Stars “Pocket”
Franklin’s Mint “Cabin Fever”
Casey Dienel “Cabin Fever”

User Shorty Patent Co. LIVE

Northern “Across the Turnpike”
Bunwinkies “Train Whistle”

User Shorty Patent Co. INTERVIEW

Juliana Hatfield “What Do I Care?”

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