Pipeline! Playlist August 30, 2005

Ten Years Old “The New Rock ‘n’ Roll”
Apollo Sunshine “Flip!”
Cave In “The World is in Your Way”
Feathers “Come Around”
Tiger Saw “Postcards and Letters”
Franklin’s Mint “Last in Line”
Cheater’s Club “Peace Offering”
Visitations “track #3”
Radar Eyes “Sweet Teeth”
Ashby “He Likes the Sound”
Mobius Band “Detach”
Edan (feat. Insight) “Science of the Two”
Pants Yell! “’83 in ’05”
Black Helicopter “Talk Out Loud”

the Black Clouds LIVE

the Rudds “Hot Child”
Pernice Brothers “Dumb it Down”
Brian Michael Roff “Drank the Lake”

the Black Clouds INTERVIEW

Boy in Static “Bellyful”

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