Pipeline! Playlist- December 31, 2013 – New Year’s Eve Best of 2013 Live Sessions Recap

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Bad History Month 10/22
CreaturoS 1/1
the Shones 6/4

Bent Shapes “Panel of Experts” 5/28
the Steep Leans 7/16
Kurt Von Stetten “Bucky Fuller” 11/19

Spirit Kid 4/9
We Avalance “The Good Life (Weezer)” 4/2
Garrett Soucy “You Are Water; We Are Thirsty” 10/15

Aykroyd 8/6
Nervous “Cigarettes and Coffee” 1/15
Frank and Dependent “She Loves Round” 7/23

Mt Peru 9/10
the Bynars “Angeline” 12/17
Huge Face 11/26
Vundabar 7/2

Pile 2/12
Jonah Furman (Krill) 11/5 5th
Florida=Death 4/30

Lo Fine “All We Need is Hell” 11/12
the Dwells 5/7
Jen Starsinic “Stay” 8/27

Endless Jags 1/22
Dylan Ewen “I Just Wanna Be Your Baby” 6/25
Hex Map “The Bunker” 12/3

Horsehands 2/5
Cask Mouse 6/18
Reindeer 12/10

New Highway Hymnal “These Things Take Time” 3/5
Dan Webb and the Spiders 9/24
Metal Feathers 3/26

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