Pipeline! Playlist February 21, 2006

Phantom Buffalo “Be the Boss”
Capstan Shafts “Use the Poets as Barricades”
Unbunny “For Mekons, et al”
KG fields “Ballet Mechanique Day”
Chas. Mtn. “Headstripe Bitches”
Rachael Cantu “Run All Night”
Ponies in the Surf “Fairy in My House”
the Cush “Roll Me”
Cul de Sac “The Portland Cement Factory at Monolith, CA”
Callers “Julia”
Nat Baldwin “Within Walls”
Between the Pines “We All Know Where You Are”

Headband LIVE

Muck and the Mires “(Just Like) Romeo and Juliet”


Black Helicopter “Hey Captain!”

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