Pipeline! Playlist may 31, 2005

Winterpills “Want the Want”
Sarah Borges “Think of What You’ve Done”
the Dirty Projectors “Tour Along the Potomac”
Boy in Static “Warm Blooded”
the Texas Governor “The Amazing Sleeping Alarm Clock”
Auto Interiors “Envy”
Tiny Hawks “Are You the King of Olives?”
Big Bear “Track 2”
Micah Blue Smaldone “Grim”
Mobius Band “Detach”
10 Years Old “Looks Like It’s Time”
Ashby “Anyone Anywhere”
the Other Method “Track 6”
Joe Perry “Vigilante Man”
Modern Syndrome “I’ve Got a Feeling”

Brian Michael Roff and the Deer LIVE

Little Wooden Men “Paisley”
Marissa Nadler “My Little Lark”

Brian Michael Roff and the Deer INTERVIEW

Soltero “If I Had a Chance”

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