Pipeline! Playlist – November 20, 2012

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Chris Weisman “MIT”
Farm “Running Water”
Fantasy Island “Luna Afterdark”

Hey Ice Machine “Make Me Feel Good”
the Naked Stils “Pennsylvania Sky”
Mean Creek “Young and Wild”

Pinn Panelle “Face Stealer”
ABSRDST “Eureka”
Bearstronaut “Paradice (Entrapment)”

Kurt Baker “Hit the Ground”
the Pants “I’m a Jerk”
Anachronist “Say It”

USA! USA! USA! “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”
Zac Clark “Happy, With a Secret”

Full Tang “Itchy Back Jack”
Nobles “Black Tie Afternoon”
Kangaroo Court “Breakfast of Champions”

Malibu Gaze “Sex Octopus”
Lemon Demon “Archaeopteryx”
Lindsey Starr “Whose Turn is it to Drive”

Geoff Useless “Love and Mercy”
Underwater Bear Ballet “Please? Please! (she is green but i love her)”
Johnny Cremains “Dry Erase”

the Hush Now “I’m Always Broke in December”
Slurred Speech “Safety in Numbers”
Maestro Thrust “Rag Doll”

That’s Rugby “Behind the Lamplight”

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