Pipeline! Playlist Sept. 27, 2005

Phantom Buffalo “I’ll Be There in July”
Josh Ritter “Thin Blue Flame”
Feathers “Angel in the Sky”
Dooley O “I Wish”
Don Lennon “Best Years of Our Life”
Chaz Matthews “Holocaust Face”
Nat Baldwin “These Days are Best”
Gary Higgins “Stable the Spuds”
the Rudds “Get the Femuline Hang On”
Harris “Pace of Change”
Appollo Sunshine “The Lord”
Tiger Saw “The Sea”

the Sterns LIVE

the Hotel Alexis “It’s Obvious Now”
Brian Michael Roff and the Deer “This Thick World”
Blanketeer “Hit From a Miss”

the Sterns INTERVIEW

Micah Blue Smaldone “Funny Farm”
Twink “Three Blind Mice”

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